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Reviving The Original

Well, I fucking did it! I completed an entire series. Now what?

I'm damn proud of this accomplishment. I'd planned on the Storm series as just a trilogy, but the characters had other plans, demanding their own stories. And I'm so glad they did.

What happens now? Do I take a break? Or jump right into the next project? And what the hell does that entail? So many questions and unknowns, but strap on your parachute, and let's exit this plane together.

First up. Revising Forgotten Storm. Why? Well, I'm glad you asked. When I began this writing rollercoaster, I had no idea what the hell I was doing. Like what a dangling modifier or a split infinitive was. Or that I couldn't end a sentence on a preposition. I just had a story playing on repeat with sexy characters acting out scenes in my brain. Sometimes out loud. Yeah, my husband was worried about my mental health for a while.

It took me a whole year to write Forgotten Storm into some semblance of a cohesive story. Then she'd suffered numerous revisions until the manuscript was just one big red blob of corrections. It was freaking confusing too. One editor would say it should be done this way, and another swore that was the wrong way until I felt like they stabbed my author's voice to death beneath their sharp, two-edged pens.

Then I started querying for a publisher. And, oh boy. Their restrictions on a first-time author meant even more cuts and revisions. Realistically, Forgotten Storm should have been over a 100,000-word manuscript, but it was slashed to a mere 85,000. And some of the reviews on Amazon reflect those cuts. The readers, you, felt there needed to be more information on the vampire world. More development of Logan's character and the other side characters, which I totally agree with. Not to mention, I'd like to think my writing and knowledge have improved and evolved over the last five years.

So. Now that the Storm series is completed. I've decided to tackle revising and improving Forgotten Storm. She is perhaps the most essential book in the series—the introduction to me as an author and the Storm series. I plan to relaunch her, possibly with an updated cover—still debating that—when I introduce the new box set.

It's been such a thrill diving back into Logan and Nicole's story. Even though they had roles in the rest of the books, I missed their steamy interaction as a couple and Nicole's sarcasm and damaged heart.

Next week we will dive into what comes after the Storm series since I didn't take a break after all. Shhhh, just between you and me, I already have the next series outlined and am chomping at the bit to immerse myself in the next thrilling journey. ❤❤❤

Stay safe. Stay healthy. And remember to smile. It could make someone's day.

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