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Calista's Destiny

(Immortal Breeders Book 2)

A courageous NYPD detective embarks on a life-changing journey of lust, murder, and submission.

Calista's Destiny Ebook Cover.jpg

Love had always been my Achilles' heel, a realm where my judgment turned to mist. But nothing compared to the night he materialized from the shadows of a thrumming nightclub, a stunningly attractive figure radiating with an otherworldly charm. With him, I danced on the edge of passion and danger, lavishing in the most mind-blowing sex of my life, before slipping away into the bustling streets of New York, our names unspoken.

Fate, with its wicked sense of humor, mocked my escape plans. The same intoxicating stranger who upended my world with wicked sexual bliss now stood before me inside the hallowed walls of my precinct, overseeing the very murder case I had sworn to unravel. 

Zachariah Scolaro was his name—a name that would soon become synonymous with torment and desire. Though his nearness sent tremors along my defenses, I was resolute not to let the storm of feelings interfere with the pursuit of justice.


Zachariah harbored secrets that had the power to fracture the thin veneer I'd construed between my heart and my badge. In the dance between duty and desire, some truths cut deep, begging the question: What am I willing to risk in the name of love?

Immortal Breeders is a spin-off from the Storm series. While you're not required to read the Storm series first, many of the characters from that series play intricate parts in the Immortal Breeders.

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TW: Calista's Destiny is a mature paranormal romance with dark elements and a sinfully delicious, overly protective, dominant vampire. It contains Violence, bloodshed, graphic descriptions of gore, instances of kidnapping, torture, non-consensual encounters (not involving the main male character), consensual BDSM play, explicit language, and biting. If any of these elements are likely to trigger you or make you uncomfortable, it is strongly advised that you avoid this book. However, if you have a taste for dark and daring storytelling that pushes boundaries, you'll find this book right up your alley. Enjoy your reading experience.

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