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Blues singer Nicole Giordano is terrified of a past she can’t remember. She moves from town to town, always looking over her shoulder. Her only comfort is the beautiful and sexy Logan Moretti who haunts her dreams, claiming to be her Guardian and guiding her every move.

But when Logan suddenly appears on her doorstep, it triggers an explosion of suppressed memories. Her mother’s hatred, her father’s abuse, the existence of other species, and her ultimate destiny—a prophecy foretold hundreds of years ago.

With the help of their friends, Nicole and Logan fight to stay hidden until the time comes to face her greatest fear—and their raging desire.

 Coming in 2020! 

Forbidden Storm

Book 2

A paranormal romance about forbidden love and the lengths one vampire takes to protect her secrets.

Lucretia Bramen overcame a sordid and violent history to become the first female Guardian, but when old enemies threaten to expose her most intimate secrets, Lu faces the biggest choice of her life; reveal her past betrayal and risk execution, or turn her back on a forbidden love offering everything she desires.

Kurtis Ruse's burdens weigh heavy on his immense shoulders; deliver peace to his people, manage his dojo among the humans, control his inner beast in order to uncover his mate’s treacherous mysteries. Kurtis fears circumstances will force him to choose between the enigmatic vampire who captured his heart, and the only woman he trusts above all others. 

Fiery Storm

Book 3

One valkyrie's quest to overcome the dark forces keeping her from the vampire who captured her soul. 

Alone in the world, searching for the missing pieces of her life, and terrified of her strange abilities, Alexandria Svaldana seeks comfort in the tall, captivating stranger whose exotic blue eyes light her on fire, but when dark forces threaten their fragile bond, Alex must fight to break down the barriers around the vampire's heart, and save them from the demons of the past to have a chance in hell of surviving their fiery storm.

Sebastian Moretti steers clear of relationships, preferring the Dom/Sub scenario and complete control, but his lust for the fiery valkyrie severely tests his iron restraint, as does the sudden return of the monster Bastian hoped to never see again.