Coming December 2021!

Fatal Storm
Storm Series Book 5

He snatched her soul. She stole his heart.

“Being dead sucks.”

​When the very devil snatched Kleora Tanagra’s soul from eternal peace in heaven and imprisoned her in Hell, the land nymph ruler vowed vengeance, despite how his exquisite touch awakened her flesh and set her heart on fire.

“I am Satan. No force on earth can kill me. However, my enraged captive is giving it her best shot.”

​Jagorach Darath, the original fallen angel, refuses to regret his decision to steal Kleora’s soul. But time is running out to discover a way to restore her life before the land nymphs declare war on the immortal world, and while he enjoys teaching his little peach the consequences of defying the very devil, if he loses her for good, the world will suffer his eternal wrath.


Content Warning: Violence, blood and gore, references to rape, BDSM play with explicit sexual scenes, and graphic language. 

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