Storm Series 

Character Guide

Nicole Tiana Giordano


I've lived under numerous aliases, but the name fate bestowed on me comes with drastic consequences.

I am Nicole Giordano and I'm destined to save the immortal race.

I can't even get through my day without coffee, so this should be fun.

Logan's Tattoo.jpg

Alaric Logan Moretti

I am Logan, Commander of the Guardians, and for 600 years I have searched for my one true mate. 

The gods gifted me with the prophesied Halfling. I will do anything to protect Nicole and fulfill our destiny. But getting my spitfire of a mate on board is proving to be the most difficult task of my life. 

King Dimitri Tobias Giordano

King Dimitri Tobias Giordano

I am Dimitri. The last true ancient Vampire and one of the most powerful beings on the planet. No one will take my throne from me, especially my troublesome daughter.

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Kurtis Joseph Ruse

I am Kurtis, an ex-Navy SEAL with a Black Belt in Krav Maga, and destined to be king. I volunteered to mentor and train Nicole to ensure the fulfillment of the prophecy. My friendship with Nicki is severely tested when I discover my fated female is non-other than the mysterious female Guardian; Lucretia.

Lucretia Website Final.jpg

Lucretia Luna Bramen

I am known as Lu to most and the only female Guardian. They all believe I am cold and calculating, and with my past full of deadly secrets, it's important they believe the ruse.  

I was pulling it off until the shifter began sniffing around. 

Trezzo Massaro.jpg

Trezzo Massaro

I've lived under the name Trezzo Massaro for over five centuries, but my real name holds much more power and soon I will finally claim the birthright stolen from me, and force my beautiful Lucretia to submit.

Sebastian Roman Moretti

Sebastian Roman Moretti

I am Sebastian, a Moretti and vampire guardian. The gods have bound me with a meddlesome valkyrie as a mate.

I do not need or want a mate, let alone one who is an emotional, partying, sarcastic spitfire. 

But Alex has gotten under my skin, and I would do anything to keep her safe from the demon in my past.


Alexandria Svaldana

My name is Alex. Even with my memories wiped and a driving need to search and kill an unknown being, my heart is captivated by a blue-eyed vampire I should hate but who holds the secrets I covet.

Handsome Male Model

Ezekiel Sorath

I am Ezekiel. Champion ballroom dance instructor, friend, and enemy. My goal is to convince Alexandria we are meant for each other and to forsake all she cares about in order to save her precious life.

Icarus Possible.jpg

Icarus Provanavich

I am Icarus, the High Priest Oracle. The gods created me for the sole purpose of guiding the immortal race.


The prophecy gave me a new purpose—No matter the consequences, ensure Nicole Giordano fulfills her destiny.

Liam's Body.jpg

Liam James Scott

I am Liam Scott. Friend, son, brother. Fate cursed me with a mate who demands control over my passions. I am the werewolf king, Alpha to my people, and I will not allow it.

Viessa Vivian Bramen

I am Viessa. I've lived my life in complete mental torment, believing I was insane until I discovered my abilities far exceed any immortal, and only through absolute control over my reluctant mate do I find peace.

King Jagorach Darath Red Eyes.jpg

King Jagorach Darath

I am Jagorach Darath. Most know me as the Demon King, but I am so much more. I've set my sights on revenge, and I mean to have it. One way or another.

Priestess Kleora Tanagra

I am Kleora. I've ruled the Land Nymphs for hundreds of years, keeping them hidden from society until the prophecised Halfling took the throng. Now I have a seat on the Council and the eye of the Demon King.