Storm Series 

Character Guide

Nicole Tiana Giordano


Nicole is a tough, independent young woman struggling to overcome an abusive past while her seductive vampire forces her to battle her fears, accept her destiny, and trust him with her heart. No easy feat.

But how is she supposed to save the vampire race when she can't even get through her day without coffee? 

Alaric Logan Moretti

Logan is a 600-year-old Vampire and legendary Commander of the King's Guardians. He demands control, especially in the bedroom. 

Logan will do anything to protect Nicole and fulfill the prophecy. But getting his spitfire of a mate on board is proving to be the most difficult task of his life. 

Kurtis Joseph Ruse

Kurtis is Nicole's mentor and trainer, an Ex-Navy SEAL with a Black Belt in Krav Maga. His friendship with Nicki is severely tested when he discovers his fated female is non-other than the mysterious female Guardian; Lucretia.

Lucretia Luna Bramen

Lu is a 125-year-old Vampire and the only female Guardian. She appears cold and calculating, but her past is so full of secrets they will one day be her doom. 

King Dimitri Tobias Giordano

Dimitri is the last true ancient Vampire and one of the most powerful beings on the planet. He is a power-hungry, psychotic vampire who’s willing to impregnate or kill his own daughter to remain on the throne, and would do anything to rule the Council of Unity and enslave the human race.

Sebastian Roman Moretti

Sebastian is Logan's brother and second in command of the Guardians. He is a true sexual Dominant, owning several BDSM clubs across the United States and Italy.


Sebastian is happiest when he is fighting and strategizing alongside his brother or in complete control in one of his playrooms.

Alexandria Svaldana

Alex is Nicole's best friend. A fun, energetic woman who just wants to be loved, but has a deep-seated hatred for Vampires. Why is yet to be revealed. 

Jimmy Dickerson

Jimmy is Nicole's boss. He loves her like his own daughter and is dedicated to her safety and preparing her to face her destiny.

Icarus Provanavich

As the High Priest Oracle for the Immortals, Icarus must always follow the rules of the universe to keep the balance of power. Gifted with visions of past, present, and future he guides immortals on the path to their true destiny.  

Liam James Scott

Liam is Jimmy's son and loves Nicole like a little sister, but when tragedy strikes, Liam's world is turned upside down.

Trezzo Massaro

Trezzo wants his throne back and he doesn't care whom he has to control, hurt, or kill to achieve his goals, and his plans include breaking Lucretia to rule by his side while under his complete control.

King Jagorach Darath

The demon king had his sights set on slaughtering King Dimitri, but when Nicki rips his revenge from him, he vows the little halfling will suffer for the sins of her father. 


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