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GEMMA'S FATE (Immortal Breeders Book 1) A Storm Series Spinoff Coming Soon!



Despite Gemma Christiana’s love of journalism, Devil’s Lake, North Dakota, is the most boring city on the planet. She’s desperate for excitement, her first thrilling story to boost her career and give her the freedom she craves.

All too soon, Gemma learns the value of the phrase, “Be careful what you wish for,” after two women are brutally murdered within days of each other. When Gemma delves deeper, she discovers a shocking revelation—She bears the identical birthmark as the victims.

Regardless of the danger, the reporter in her is eager to share her insight with the world. Until Sheriff Drake Silverton’s tantalizing but domineering kisses and animalistic allure distract her from her ambitious climb for freedom.

Events escalate when Drake impedes an attack on Gemma’s life. Someone close to her betrays her, and the sheriff’s shocking identity explodes in a whirlwind of chaos and trauma. Gemma’s forced to trust the one man whose secrets could shatter her world.


Several hours later, I’m about to wrap things up for the day when my intercom beeps.

“There’s a pushy reporter from Devil’s Lake demanding to speak to you,” Sarah informs me in an irritated tone. My heart rate spikes. Why is Gemma here in Grand Forks? Is it to see me specifically, or has she caught wind of our murder already?

I breathe deeply to calm my heart before I do something stupid, like leap from my seat, rip open the door, push her against the wall, and shove my tongue down her throat.

I’m no stranger to sexual attraction. Many times, throughout my life, I felt immense desire. For my fiancé, and others before and after her. But with Gemma, it’s phenomenal. Like dropping a lit match on a pool of gasoline. It’s dark, intense, and dangerous, especially since she’s human. But I don’t merely lust after her. It’s like I require her to breathe. It’s driving my beast insane not to claim what is ours.

Whatever this shit is between us, I’d better handle it because Gemma’s life is on the line, and I can’t take my eye off the ball for one fucking second.

“You want me to send her packing?” Sarah asks when I don’t respond immediately.

“No. Send her in. Then you can wrap it up for the day, Sarah. Please turn all calls over to dispatch.”

“You got it, Sheriff.”

The mouthwatering bouquet that is all Gemma blasts through my senses seconds before the door opens. I grit my teeth to keep from groaning in pain. Jesus, I hardly know this woman, but I’ve missed her sweet fragrance.

“Hello, Sheriff Silverton,” she says as she strolls through the door.

I barely hear her because my brain misfires, my ears ring, and rage hits me like a sledgehammer to the chest. A nasty purple, yellowish bruise mars her flawless cheek.

I’m out of my seat instantly, slamming the door shut and cradling her face.

“Who the fuck did this to you, baby?”

I’m killing Brandon. I ordered him to monitor her. Did someone attack her, try to kill her, and I was fucking oblivious?

“It... it’s nothing,” she stammers, trying to move away, but I tighten my hold. “I’m a stupid klutz and tripped on my morning run.”

I regard her for several seconds, clenching my jaw in an effort to remain composed. The woman lied right to my face. Gemma squirms under my scrutiny, avoiding direct eye contact.

“Look at me.” When she does, the weight crushing my chest since the night at the restaurant lifts. She’s in my arms. Bruised but safe. Gently, I rub my thumb over the bruise. She winces but doesn’t look away. “Don’t ever lie to me, princess.”

She swallows, and a flare of something brightens her eyes. However, in the next instant, she steps back, and I let her, my hands falling to my side. “I’m here to discuss the Grand Forks’ murder, Sheriff Silverton. Nothing more.”

The only sounds in the office are the ticking of the clock and our breathing as we exchange a heated stare. I want to snatch her back into my embrace and devour her luscious mouth until she confesses all her secrets.

I growl. “Start talking, Gemma. And it better be the truth. Who hit you?”

She nervously licks those luscious lips that have played a significant role in my dreams of late. Glaring at me, she remains stubbornly silent.

When my chest rumbles in warning, she declares, “My personal life is none of your business, Sheriff.”

The growl deepens. “I’ll fucking kill him.”

She gasps, her eyes widening. “Leave it alone.”

“Give me his name?” I persist. “I’ll find out, anyway.”

“He’s not a man you want to tangle with.” She moves to a chair facing my desk and pulls a notepad from her enormous purse. “Now, can we discuss the case, please?” She glances over her shoulder at me, her beautiful eyes pleading. “Please.”

I unfuck the violent urges in my brain long enough to take several deep, calming breaths. Before this woman leaves my office, she will reveal his name and where she’s staying in town. I foresee a long night ahead protecting my adorable package while she’s in my jurisdiction.



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