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Forgotten Storm Available for Preorder!

I am so excited to announce: Forgotten Storm is now available for preorder through Kyanite Publishing!

The plan is to get a feel for demand before it goes up for preorder on Amazon and Barnes and Noble in late June or early July. (Nervous sweat breaks out on my upper lip at the thought)

Help me share Forgotten Storm!

So here is where I need your help. Please share this link with your family, friends, coworkers, or hell, complete strangers if you want, just be careful not to scare anyone.

You can also send them directly to my website here. Let them know it's a paranormal romance filled with buried memories, ancient prophecies, and suppressed desires.

I'm passionate about Nicole and Logan's story. I hope everyone who reads Forgotten Storm will fall in love with them too and crave more.

And don't forget, when you get your copy of Forgotten Storm, authors live on reviews. Let me know if you loved it!

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