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Immortal Breeders

Character Guide

Gemma Christiana No Watermark.jpg

Gemma Christiana


I've allowed others to control my life long enough. It's time I took the bull by the horns and found that breakthrough story to get my ass out of this small town and away from those who wish to pin me under their thumb. 

Unfortunately, the sexy sheriff shatters my plans with his otherworldly secrets.

Drake Silverton 2.jpg

Sheriff Drake Silverton

After searching for nearly a century, I have finally encountered my fated mate. However, this spirited human reporter carries more baggage than TSA and possesses an unwavering hunger for the truth, placing both of us in the line of fire.

Serious Portrait

Alred Chambers

I have cultivated, obsessed over, and manipulated my reluctant fiance. No matter what forces intervene, she will be mine until death us do part.


Wenonah Dodson

My upbringing taught me to harden my heart, don't put up with any bullshit, and take what I want. My best friend keeps me grounded as much as I push her to know her self-worth. 

Colonel Fairbanks Resized.jpg

Colonel Rodney Fairbanks

Every move I make, every chess piece I eliminate, takes the world one step closer to securing our safety from immortals. That is my mission, and nothing will stand in my way.

Brandon McDermott Resized.jpg

Brandon McDermott

As the police chief of Devil's Lake, North Dakota, and also the beta of my pack, my daily life is usually quite serene. However, everything changes when a violent murder case comes to my attention. I find myself teaming up with Sheriff Silverton, who is not only my Alpha but also my best friend. Together, we are thrust into an intense investigation that unexpectedly involves the notorious vampire queen, Nicole Giordano. This case challenges us in ways we never imagined, and the presence of the vampire queen adds a layer of complexity that we had not anticipated.

Calista's Chapter Image.png

Detective Calista Williams

Throughout my career as an NYPD detective, I've made questionable decisions regarding matters of the heart. These decisions nearly led to the loss of my badge. Consequently, I've built up emotional walls and learned to suppress my feelings to fit in with my colleagues.

However, everything changed when I encountered Wallstreet at a local bar. In that instant, he not only took my breath away but also seemed to have stolen my ability to think clearly.

It turns out that Zachariah Scolaro harbors some significant secrets that have the potential to fracture the thin veneer I'd construed between my heart and my badge.

Chapter Image resized.png

Zachariah Scolaro

I play many roles for the Vampire Nation, including Guardian, posing as an FBI agent and a wealthy tycoon. But the night I walked into my nightclub and caught her scent, all my priorities shifted. 

The stubborn, willful, and disobedient Detective Williams is mine. She will submit, and God help anyone who dares to take her from me.

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