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Author Life Balance?

Life Balance

How the hell do you discover a life balance as an author? It’s genuinely something I struggle with daily. When inspiration strikes, it’s difficult to walk away. My muse sucks me in and before I realize it, several hours have passed, sometimes a whole day, and guilt assaults my brain reminding me of all the things I didn’t get done, or how I’ve neglected crucial one-on-one moments with my husband.

I’m quickly discovering you cannot shove an author’s life into a neat time-limited package. And if you’re not aware; being an author is not just about the writing. It’s the endless editing, research, and the dreaded marketing that monopolizes a majority of our time.

As a newbie in this career choice I’m learning every day how best to manage my schedule more effectively. Honestly, I fail miserably quite often, but I think I’ve finally found a way to juggle the precarious balance.

OCD Dominatrix

For me, I CANNOT sit down at the computer with my coffee in the morning anymore. Sad, I know, because that was my favorite way to enjoy my cup of heaven. But my OCD brain demands I don’t simply peruse my social media. Oh no, she lashes the whip and before I know it, I’ve careened down into the dark abyss of blogs, hashtags, media image creation, FB, Instagram, Twitter, and emails with no end in sight.

When I eventually come up for air, it’s after 2:00 pm, I’m still wearing my jammies, and my breath could knock a buzzard of a shit wagon. My husband, bless his forgiving soul, just shakes his head at me and asks if I plan to participate in the beautiful day outside.

Wait? There’s another world outside? Since when?

All humor aside, I now attempt to start my morning with my coffee out on the deck, if the weather permits, workout, eat breakfast, shower, and yes, brush my teeth and get dressed, before I even contemplate sitting down at my computer. Because he’s right — damn I hate when I have to admit that — a big, amazing world does live beyond my duel monitors and if I want new adventures to write about, I’d better get off my ass and go enjoy them, and him.

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