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A Glowing Review!

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

As a first time author, I've had serious doubts about my abilities as a writer throughout this long process. And while my husband encourages and praises me constantly, well, he's my husband. What else can he say if he likes his head attached to his body? ;)

But when the very talented Production Director and Editor for Kyanite Publishing, Sarah LaChance, sent back my manuscript for Forgotten Storm after going through it with a fine tooth... pen? I can honestly say I was floored by her comments and I can't begin to express the joy they gave me. So much so, I just had to share them with you.

Where do I begin?

I so thoroughly enjoyed working on your book, I can scarcely express it! It is beautiful. You have a fresh voice, incredible way with painting a scene, and are a great storyteller. Forgotten Storm is enthralling, delicious, and moving. I can't wait to have a copy of my own and be able to pleasure-read it (without having to use my editing lens).

I was very impressed by your style and skills. I laughed, I cried, I had a few, ahem, physical reactions to some of the hotter material, haha!

I felt like I was reading a piece a friend wrote. You strike a delicious balance between eloquence and smart-assery, which I believe will resonate with readers. The evolution of Nicole's experience is so accessible and relatable. I believe that the atmosphere is right for the expansion of protagonists like Nicole, who are strong and choose to give up some power, but only when it is deserved and reciprocated appropriately. I would love to see more stories featuring her! I am finding it hard to believe that it is your first book, and do hope you have more planned (even if not featuring this particular storyline, though a series would be kick-ass!). :)

Reading her praise again gives me goosies. I am humbled by her words and proud of my accomplishment. I hope and pray the readers will love Forgotten Storm as much as my editor, the staff at Kyanite, and the beta readers do.

Of course, no one could love Nicole and Logan's story more than their creator. Their story lived in my heart and brain for so long it was a tremendous relief to get them out so I could enjoy a little peace without people looking at me funny.

Like talking to yourself is weird or something.

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