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Is It Strange for a Book to Call to You?

First Draft of Book 2 Done!

I finally finished the 1st draft of book 2 in the Storm series. Forbidden Storm is the title I'm going with for now. (In case you live in a cave, Book 1, Forgotten Storm comes out September 2019 with Kyanite publishing). Check them out at https://kyanitepublishing.com

That feeling of pride and elation ranks right up there with... well, all my other milestones: Overcoming my fear of the ocean and passing my Scuba dive certification. Learning to ski (which I'm not sure I can count because I still suck at it). Passing the boards to become a certified veterinary technician, managing the I.T. demands of a multimillion-dollar veterinary hospital.... and so on and so forth. You get the drift.

Oh my God! It sees me!

Now, the rule is, you're supposed to walk away from the 1st draft for about two or three weeks. "Step away from the Manuscript, ma'am!"

They say you should let it rest and ruminate, then go back to it with fresh eyes. That's all well and good but... the damn thing calls to me. In the middle of the freaking night.


Me: "Oh, just shut it."

In order to distract myself from the eerie whining, I started the outlining process of book 3, which for now I'm calling Fiery Storm, and put together any new character bios. Yesterday was a very productive day and I finally have a somewhat clear vision of book 3.

Here's the problem; that took all of one day. What the hell do I do for the next two weeks when book 2 won't shut the hell up?

I'm glad you asked, or I asked. And the simple answer...start writing book 3 of course.

Now, I just need to figure out how and where to start.

Need an opening line. Need an opening line.

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