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Fractured Storm Teaser!

The launch for Fractured Storm (Storm Series Book 4) is May 4th, and during the pre-order window, I'm offering FS4 for only $2.99!

But let's sweeten the pot, titillate your senses, and warm your nether regions with a little snippet from Fractured Storm.


After tossing my sweater on the couch, I shimmy enticingly out of my jeans. The vivid blue bra and thong reminded me of the beast’s hypnotic irises, and I procured the set instantly.

A muscle pulses in his jaw. His spectacular body is tense with the need to devour me. Just taking this measure of control over such a vibrant creature is beyond anything I imagined. The thrill fuels my appetite.

I drift toward him, grazing my fingernails along his impressive length. It twitches in response, soliciting more of my touch, but I move away and brush past him. Liam inhales deep, and his rough growl has me biting my cheek to keep from grinning like an overeager fool.

The high-top dining table rests in front of the U-shaped kitchen that looks out over the lovely sparkling bay. I nudge the armchair back from the head of the polished wood surface and hop up on the edge, my toes on the seat. King Scott watches me with such blazing intensity; it’s practically a caress.

Perched on the threshold, I shove my dense hair off my nape and secure it in a messy bun with the elastic band from around my wrist. I reach behind and unclasp my bra, letting it slip down my arms with excruciating slowness. A rumble fills the great room.

“Come to me, Liam.” He doesn’t falter, approaching me in two strides. “Sit,” I command, hoisting a leg so he can slide into the chair in front of me.

When he’s settled between my open thighs, I bend forward and capture his lips in a feverish kiss. He angles his head, thrusts his tongue inside to duel with mine, and I suck it deep. He groans, straining toward me in his seat. The ropes creak as his muscles bunch

against the bindings.

I lean back, our panting breaths loud in the silent house. The intense chocolate irises devour my breasts, trail down my stomach before stalling on the soaked lace covering my sex. He licks his lips, and I nearly combust. Need to get these panties off and experience that mouth. I relished the beast lapping at my core before. Now, I demand the male.

I work the delicate thong over my hips, plant my toes on his hard thighs, utilizing them as leverage to lift my butt enough to shove the cloth down my legs. When I reach my knees, I raise them straight up in the air to thrust the material up over my ankles and feet, giving

him a bird’s-eye view of my wet core aching for him.

“Fuck.” His groan is absolute need. I cherish the tone. My toes drop back on top of his tense thighs, and I scoot to the edge of the table, spreading them wide.

“Not another word unless I demand an answer, Liam,” I warn sternly. His gaze snaps to mine. “Do you understand?”


I grin. “Do you long to taste me, my king?”

“God, yes.” The desperate rumble sends butterflies skittering through my tummy.

I clasp the back of his skull and drag him toward my aching breasts. “Soon, but first, these need your attention.” In a millisecond, his mouth locks on a throbbing nipple, causing my head to dip back as sharp pleasure skyrockets from his suckling lips straight to my clit. “Oh, yes.”

When he lightly bites down, it’s like an electrical current surging through every nerve, lighting me up from the inside. He turns to the other without direction, providing it equal consideration. A tightness builds in my core. I’ve read about women who can orgasm from this, and I wonder if I could be one of them. The sensations spiraling from my nipples to my sex and back again are extraordinary.

“Enough,” I pant, letting go of his nape but not pushing him from me. A battle wages inside my mate. It’s evident in his expressive regard glaring at me. I wait with bated breath to determine if he will comply with my demand or break his bonds and have his way. As

tremendous as I suspect the sex would be, disappointment would darken the experience.

Liam eases away, and relief washes over me. It’s strange, but the defiant fire in his eyes pleases me as much as his obedience.

I shimmy closer to the edge of the table and spread my thighs wider. His restless gaze falls to my bare, glistening folds, and I lean back on my elbows. My extremities tremble with increasing need.

“Are you hungry, mate?”

The irises flicker blue. “Starving.” Bulky muscles tug against the stiff bonds, digging the rope deeper into his shoulders.

“One lick only,” I instruct.

Liam eases forward, his gaze locked with mine. I sense his savage intent and willful disobedience a split second before my king sets in with abandonment.


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