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Forbidden Storm Launch Postponed!

These are strange and confusing times we are living in around the world. Stores with empty shelves. Bars and restaurants closed. People working from home, being laid off or losing their jobs completely. Driving down the road feels like living in a ghost town. The economy is taking a big fat hit upside the head as we try and ride out this #Coronavirus storm.

And it appears the book industry is no different. Production of paperback and hardback books has slowed due to a lack of employees, and shipments are being prioritized to essentials like food, medical supplies, and, scratch my head in confusion, toilet paper.

So it is with a sad heart I must announce the postponement of FORBIDDEN STORM, book 2 in my Storm Series which was due to launch July 21st of this year. I hope the delay is only a month or two but with the way this #quarantine changes from day to day, I cannot offer you a definitive timeline.

However, a silver lining does appear. The owners and authors at Kyanite Publishing understand that during this time of isolation and social distancing, being forced indoors, spending an exorbitant amount of time with your significant other or *shudder* THE KIDS, we all need a little escapism.

For a limited time, I and several of my fellow authors, are offering ebooks of our work for FREE!

If you haven't read FORGOTTEN STORM, book 1, or you know someone who hasn't, now is the time!


Help your friends and family forget the troubles of world even for a little while.

Hop onto Kyanite Publishing's website and peruse the selections. Then kick back in your bark-o-lounger, settle in by the fire, or submerge yourself in a nice hot bubble bath and enjoy the ride.

I'd also like to take this moment to wish everyone the best of health and safety.

Warmest regards and best wishes,